TDM OMR (optical Mark Recognition)

A software solution for collecting data from tests, surveys, assessments, evaluations and other OMR forms. This powerful product is designed to be a flexible, easy-to- use tool for capturing data from plain-paper forms. TDM OMR scans a printed form and reads the predefined positions to ascertain where marks are made on the form. This technology is particularly useful when large numbers of hand-filled forms need to be processed quickly, and with great accuracy. This includes surveys, reply cards, questionnaires and ballots. One of TDM OMR's powerful features is the ability to capture handwriting as image snapshots - review them, edit them or grade them easily. The software also generates informative reports for educators, researchers, evaluators, and other professionals.

Key Features

  • Advanced test grading reports and options

  • Export data and statistics to a variety of different formats

  • Advanced survey reports and statistics

  • High accuracy and speed

  • No special papers or writing instruments needed

  • Capturing handwriting

  • Error detection and correction mechanism