Darsi (Online Virtual Class)

Virtual classroom software for real-time, online collaboration - designed for teaching and training over the Internet. Darsi can provide engaging live classes, online lectures, web meetings, group sessions, and individual one–on–one discussions. Users only need a computer, mobile phone or tablet and an internet connection. Darsi allows teaching and learning to take place without boundaries. Educators can collaborate online with learners using real-time audio-video communication, text chats, share content, and record live classes.

With Darsi's virtual whiteboard users can write notes, solve math problems, draw diagrams, use graphs, share documents, display PowerPoint presentation and assign writing control to specific attendees. Darsi allows you to notify students of upcoming classes, send reminders directly to their e-mail, and generate attendance reports. Educators can create, deploy and manage online self-marking quizzes and get feedback about the students. Go To Darsi

Key Features

  • Advanced interactive virtual training environment

  • High quality video and audio communication

  • Real-time participant insights and user reports

  • Secure, reliable, and easy to use

  • Improved accessibility for all learners

  • Makes recordings to review and re-use as learning objects

  • Affordable

  • Interactive whiteboard and text chat

  • Document sharing

  • Real-Time support